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Ecstatic about Sydney!

The Sydney Opera House up close and personal!

sunny 15 °C


Ellie Neufeld expressed much of what we all felt about our trip. Seeing the Opera House was surreal, as most of us had never seen it in the flesh. It's hard to put into words how one feels when seeing an international icon like this building.

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One of the really great Australians we met........

Thank you Andrew!


Andrew from Gulliver's Sport Travel was an endless source of information and help for our travel. As you can see, he was willing to lend "hands-on" help and was instrumental in getting us around Sydney and about educating us to Australia in general. His company, Gulliver Sports Travel, does travel for teams, groups, and yes, even marching bands. Check out the website at www.Gulliverssportstravel.com.au

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Royals in Brisbane

With John Paul College Marching Eagles

Thanks to the Yaworski's for sending these shots of the Royals playing for and watching the John Paul College Marching Eagles. John Paul College is a private school whose families billetted the Royals while they were in Brisbane. 'Ta

Royals at ..College.jpg

Royals and..College.jpg

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Can You Really Believe...

...we are in OZ?


The Maple Leaf Travel Jackets attracted people to us. Strangers would come up to us and tell us how much they like Canada. Our band members were true ambassadors for our great country. We are proud of you all!

The Australians love Canadians and we loved the Australians! Thanks to all our new and old friends in Australia. See you soon mates.


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Animals we Met

...while in OZ

One of the coolest things about Australia is the unique animals they have. All those marsupials!

At the Blackbutt Reserve in Newcastle, many Royals got up close and personal with the cutest of animals, the koala:


Others got to meet the kangaroo. While we think they are neat, the Australians think of these animals as pests, causing the same problems as our gophers but on a much larger scale:


Look closely to see if someone is trying to smuggle a kangaroo home with him:


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Surfin' USA

Oops, Surfin' AUS

While on the Gold Coast, on the beach at SeaWorld we observed people surfing on little boards that looked like snowboards, while they were being pulled around by parachutes. They would do flips and all sorts of fancy things as they zipped around in the surf.


Some of the Parent Companion Tour members decided to give surfing a try. This is as far as they got:


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Travelling from City to City

While on Tour with the Red Deer Royals

The band travelled by bus from city to city. It was a good chance to see the variety of landscape in a country which is on the other side of the world from Canada... and to catch up on sleep :-)


The equipment truck was driven by Glen Pangle and Marvin Schultz. They did a great job of making sure the band's stuff was where it should be when it should be there. Can't see them very well in this photo but they are there, smiling and happy, trying to remember to stay on the left side of the road. Thanks guys:


Speaking of parents and their jobs, Mr. McBeth kept very busy at all the Royals' performances. He personally greeted hundreds of audience members and pinned Red Deer pins onto their shirts.


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